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Game of Thrones: Final season to cost $15m per episode

Game of Thrones is certainly an amazing show to watch… but keeping it that way sure ain’t cheap!

The final season of Game of Thrones won’t be here until possibly 2019, meaning we’ve got a while to wait before we can return to Westeros. Then, with a season running only six freaking episodes long, the show is going to quickly come back just to basically end before we know it. It’s so hard to believe we only have six shows left, but for what it’s worth, HBO is ensuring that they’re going to be incredible.


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According to, the network is spending in the area of $15 million per episode. It’s worth noting that these six episodes will run longer than the typical hour-long length the show’s episodes usually do. Even still, it’s going to be hard to end all of these years’ worth of seasons in just six shows, so it’s no wonder they will be full of action.

Previously, HBO was spending around $10 million an episode, so they were already comfortable shelling out some big bucks for this series. With the longer run time, and the fact that each of the six episodes will have to be action packed, the cost does start to make some sense. It’s just that that is an awful LOT of money, but, I’m sure it’s all going to be worth it when we see what should be an explosive final season.



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