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Game of Thrones: Filming at Winterfell Begins; Plus A Batch of New Names for Season 8!

In addition to the filming news, we have a few small casting updates for you all this weekend, so keep on scrolling and get stoked because the final filming season of Game of Thrones is still getting revved up.


If you take a closer look at this image, you can see the lights in action and the white trucks indicating that the whole cavalry’s in town now.


As for who and what they’re filming, it’s unconfirmed. However, we have had reports about filming in nearby Toome, and this may be connected to the Moneyglass set.

Along with the above photos, @alinaastark also scored pics of the mammoth set in progress in the Titanic Quarter. It doesn’t look like the set has changed too much in the past few days, so speculation is still wide open when it comes to these sets. The huge and sprawling creation may serve for multiple Westerosi sites, or ultimately one castle. It’s unclear, though multiple seems more likely, given the show’s knack for using and re-using the heck out of locations for maximum effect.

In other news, we have a few casting notes this weekend!

According to her resumeDanielle Galligan will be playing a character named “Sarra” in a season 8 episode directed by David Nutter. The only instance of the name Sarra appearing in A Song of Ice and Fire is Sarra Frey, one of Walder Frey’s countless granddaughters. Will the Frey girls be making an appearance in season 8, after Arya annihilated the male line of the clan? That’s up for debate. It’s entirely possible that Game of Thrones is simply once again borrowing a name from the books to use for another minor and unrelated character.

Another new addition this season is Emer McDaid. Her Spotlight CV notes that she just wrapped for season 8, but it doesn’t specify a role name or any other details.

Galligan and McDaid posed together for a photo at the Crown Bar in Belfast on November 12th and shared it on Instagram. It’s captioned, “Aaaaaand that’s a wrap,” leaving no doubt that the actresses were filming. The third actress in the photo is Alice Nokes.

danigalli instagram picture

So far there’s no confirmation of Nokes appearing on Thrones, but it seems very likely.

As far as other potential roles, we did see a casting notice for a sassy and attractive girl, a “Northern girl playing a good, memorable one-scene part in one episode, playing opposite leading cast.” That part was set to shoot the week starting November 6th. Timewise it works out, but that’s just one role.Another thing worth mentioning: Independent Agency, based in Northern Ireland, states on their website, “Thomas Finnegan, Conor Maguire, Emer McDaid, Eileen McCloskey and Katie Tumelty join the cast of a major TV series.” Agency sites often avoid mentioning GoT by name, to avoid HBO’s wrath, so it’s possible that the other names on this list might have bagged roles on the show too.


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