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How I ended up with Coemgenius

The road to finding the perfect name for your blog can be a very long, bumpy and triggering one. Or at least that’s what I experienced.

Some of you may have been in a pretty similar situation like this as well before: you have something to tell and you want it to be heard. As I didn’t want to become a town crier or bellman standing in public places to get my message out, just to see the people walk by or have a laugh at you, I decided to start my own blog. Not just any blog, no. It would conquer the world, it would be something no one has ever thought of before and it would amaze everyone who would read of even dare to take a look at it!

At this point, you and I are probably on the same level, thinking ‘Yeah sure… Go ahead and take a number’. There are millions of bloggers out there and millions of blog posts are written on a daily basis, so I guess I’ll just have to keep it simple and be a bit more realistic for now. In case you want to see the number of blog posts written today in realtime with your own eyes, you can check out worldOmeters.

So I started my adventure by doing some research in order to find out how to start things off, what to expect and what are the do’s and don’ts. It is not a big deal to find useful information on all of these questions, as you’ll probably already know. When searching things like ‘how to start a blog’, ‘how to create my own blog’ or even ‘blogging for extreme blog noobs’ you will have difficulties picking an option out of the endless list of tutorials available from other bloggers. The most useful sources for creating and setting up my account were:

This way I would like to thank them for providing me the resources needed to configure my entire blog and giving me enough material to think about.

You’re probably thinking ‘How does this explain how you ended up with Coemgenius?’. Well, now I knew how to start my own blog and what to keep in mind, but the most essential part was still to be done: finding the right name for my blog. Most of the names I could think of were either taken, were too long or simply too stupid to use. So I was beginning to despair after a couple of days of breaking my head over what would be the perfect domain name for my blog, and then this wonderful blog of Sue Anne Dunlevie put an end to my problem with her article on ‘How to come up with a blog name’.  Thanks to her, I came up with the idea of translating my name – Kevin – into Latin, which is Coemgenus. When checking if was still available and seeing it was already taken, it popped into my head to mix in the word ‘genius’. That was the moment that everything fell into place and soon after that was born.

Now my journey starts and I will somehow need to prove that I’m a genius in some way.

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